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Update: Let me re clarify as I’ve mentioned about AVG Protection, which indeed is the antivirus program component right now.

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Any feedback about the split-up of R-base is very appreciated!

Obviously you only get the version of R that was current, when a open SUSE release got frozen. 42.1 contains R-3.2.2 but we already have R-3.4.0 out by now. Since a few weeks there are maintenance updates to older releases of open SUSE or SLE whenever a new release of R occurs.

I've updated the texlive packages to v2009-32.1 but I did not found any program to update the latex packages or install new ones. I know how update and install packages in the texlive tree manually.

But is there a way to update install packages or install new packages If you have Te Xlive 2009 installed, then you have tlmgr installed.

I looked for it with locate and tlmgr in a superuser console gives : "bash: tlmgr: command not found"... I had assumed that you had installed Te Xlive 2009 directly -- didn't realize Te Xlive 2009 was available at all in (--it's still not in except as unstable; they are still distributing TL2007). I already thought about submitting a note to the maintainer of the distribution packages and ask him if it is at least possible to get a monthly update for those RPM packages which contain the architecture independent La Te X packages.

At the moment I evade this situation by creating a TDS compliant tree in my home directory where I put additional or updated packages.

The compiler is going to search packages first in this location.

I did so for example with the biblatex package since it is not part of the Te X Live distribution.

If you just install R-base you get a complete installation of R-core, recommended packages, docs, and devel files. For server installations you can now start from R-core and add only what you need to your R installation. Following a list of all the packages that now make R-base-3.4.1: .

And I just happened to find a mirror or two that were set up in advance, and decided to have some fun.

At the time of this writing, t’is the night before Opensuse 11.2 is released.

So, please realize, you’re doing this at your own risk…

don’t do this to your machine without backing up, or imaging it in the first place!