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Connor paolo and taylor momsen dating

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I think it's easier to identify with guys who are just trying to make a living and working day to day.17: Can you talk about Declan and Charlotte's relationship a bit, for people who haven't seen the show?CP: It's a pretty classic poor boy, rich girl romance.Momsen's career came to a halt for over three years until she received a lead role in the WB series Misconceptions, which was never aired, after that she also appeared in the 2006 film Saving Shiloh.She also auditioned for the title role in Hannah Montana, and was in the top three, but the role was instead awarded to Miley Cyrus—a decision that Momsen was happy with in retrospect.Paolo also made a return appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, playing a disturbed teenager based on the real case of Justin Berry.is an American singer, songwriter, former actress, and model. Her parents are Michael and Collette Momsen and she has a younger sister, Sloane Momsen, who is also an actress. She studied dance at the Center of Creative Arts in St. Momsen was signed with Ford Models at a very young age: "My parents signed me up with Ford [Modeling] at the age of 2. I was working constantly and I didn’t have a real life." She was then cast in The Prophet's Game.17: Your character is definitely a bit of an outsider.

world is a bigger jump for most people than to play a blue-collar kid from town.

So, they have a lot of obstacles, but I think the fact that they're together is a testament to how much they love each other.17: Have you ever had someone's parents not really want them dating you in real life? I do well with peoples' parents, but I've certainly had friends who were not.

One of my best friends is pretty consistently reviled by his girlfriends' parents!

So even though Charlotte is very welcoming to him, he's aware that her family would like him gone.

And on top of that, his brother is in love with a girl who is dating Charlotte's brother!