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Dating in corporate culture

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More than 60 million people use Badoo's dating app in places like Latin America and Russia, but back home in London, all anybody knows about it are the parties. The two staffers who manage the parties full time are helping to widen the startup’s appeal.

I am not talking about forgetting to put down the toilet seat sort of thing, but he seems like an entirely different person. The same holds true when employees or companies pretend to be something they are not.

However, authenticity is key if you want to have a long and meaningful relationship with your employees.

When not popping champagne in stretch Hummers or slurping vodka out of an ice sculpture engraved with the company logo, Badoo’s staff of about 400 makes a Tinder-esque app that’s not particularly well-known on its home turf.

These wild soirees are used as a recruiting tool, say headhunters as well as current and former employees.

The complaints were pretty consistent, those people say: Badoo’s casual style could often be a plus, but its regularly sexualised office culture wasn’t what the departing workers said they’d signed up for.

Last year, the frequency of the parties began to slow from weekly to monthly.