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Examples include: At this point, the person is interested in what you have to offer, but they likely haven't made up their mind about making a purchase from you.

Most businesses that rely on Inbound Marketing for lead generation offer an incentive for leads to opt-in to their mailing list.

Here is how online dating sites work: you go online to the site; you browse through pictures and look for someone that catches your eye and then you click.

But wait, why was that picture taken there and why are all the pictures selfies with that crazy pose? After you finally find that image that has sparked your interest, you then read the person’s profile and decide if you should like them, email them, swipe left or swipe right. Your online visibility, reputation, videos, and what others say about your business and how you market – will likely be what initially grab’s a potential customer’s attention. What are your customer’s saying about you in their reviews?

Something else to consider is a customer facing display, which allows your customers to see their items scanned, discounts applied and the final price of their purchases, all in real-time. Simply plug an additional display into your computer or log into Conversation can make or break any date so the question is, are your employees well-versed in the language of love?

There is no doubt that each of these topics alone are incredibly important to the success of any business, but they are even more important when aligned together in today’s digital marketplace.

There is one additional item that is even more important.

Use the same card data to let them pay with one click.

You have full control over the offers that are displayed.