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For many people, the reason why DTR talks are so intimidating is that they have the potential to make or break a relationship — and sometimes that can just feel too risky. For some, it was a short and sweet decision, and for others, the process was a little more laborious.
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KING WILLIAM — Local historian Bibb Edwards' frustration was palpable as he examined old microfilm slides of colonial-era records from King William County in the bowels of the Library of Virginia.

Edwards was researching what remained of court documents that survived a devastating fire at the King William County Clerk's office on Jan. Many at the time suspected the fire had been set with malicious intent, though no one came forward as the arsonist and no charges were ever filed.

He jumped off the bed and grabbed his flower crown, and ran downstairs. He said the address, and finally arrived at the treehouse. - Keith was browsing his phone outside a store when his phone buzzed with a text.

He had a backpack with seven magazines, and he knocked on the window of a taxi.

Edwards' search took him through "every corner of the library," to no avail. Norman said many of the boxes housed in the Clerk's Office were forgotten before the move into the new courts building in 2004.

She said she had managed to go through several of the boxes, quickly realizing the documents within were very old.

Ar analyses of single mineral grains using the laser-fusion technique.

These dates reveal that the fossiliferous deposits of middle to upper Bed I, a period of significant biological and climatic change, comprise an extremely brief interval of time, from 1.80 Myr to 1.75 Myr.

Made in the 1940s, the slides had been greatly mishandled over the years."They (the microfilm slides) were made using 1920s technology and were badly smudged," Edwards said.He noted that the documents, both lost and recovered, could assist historians in presenting a thorough account of the tidewater region of Virginia, namely King William County.To date, no such history has been written, something Edwards suspects might be the result of the mishandling and loss of county records, copies of which were only available on nearly 70-year-old microfilm at the Library of Virginia (LVA).His ongoing body of work—beginning with “oral communication” and eventually including his signature Discussions—began in 1968 with the spoken word “time”.The artist, who began as a painter, soon transformed the act of discussion into his sole artistic medium.​ [will add more at a later date] ​ Bio : ​Nathaniel was raised in Maryland when he received his letter from Ilvermorny at age eleven.