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“I think you can get a vibe and an energy, whether you’d be a good fit ornot.” I ask her about the guy she was just talking to.
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‘The way we deal with this romance is very pure Disney fairy tale.’ Ryan, who will turn 21 on May 13, said she is far from tying the knot with her boyfriend of a year, Twenty One Pilots musician Josh Dun.

Her focus is on her career, including directing her first episode of “Jessie” this season and finishing an album she plans to release in June.

and Juan Manuel Marquez face off during the official weigh-in for their much-anticipated fight Saturday in Las Vegas.

Mayweather weighed in at a few pounds over limit... Mayweather had no problem striking his best vogue and "no homo" poses with Marquez and promoter slash former boxer Oscar De La Hoya.

Honeywell Aerospace is responsible for about thirty percent of Honeywell’s total revenue with half from commercial contracts and half from defense contracts.

The division generates billion in annual sales with billion in profit.

CHELSEA: I don’t like men who wear fishnets, unless they’re gay and they’re out of the closet.

CHELSEA: Nobody thinks you’re sleeping with Eddie Murphy. Maybe that could explain this blind item that has appeared on a few gossip blogs.

Teenage girls were known to hold ear piercing parties, where they performed the procedure on one another.

It generates approximately billion in annual revenue from a 50/50 mix of commercial and defense contracts.

The company experienced a boom during World War II, when it equipped bomber planes with avionics and invented the auto-pilot.

Earrings are worn by both sexes, although more common among women, and have been used by different civilizations in different times.

Locations for piercings other than the earlobe include the , and other materials.