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There is also an optional adapter called the Photo Plug that you can buy on ebay which actually measures timing of the light through the shutter to an optical sensor that transfers timing via the microphone jack. Calumet made a popular shutter tester that appears from time to time on e Bay.I checked out the Apple IOS app -- that looks great - except a reveiwer mentions a compatibility issue with i Phone 6 -- however I don't know if this applies to the latest software update. Fortunately, when I was in LA in September I had Harry Fleenor check out my Rolleiflex speeds and meter for accuracy -- so I'm good for the time being.However, the name is most closely associated with the TLR cameras.The Rolleiflex TLR was first made in 1927, shortly after the Rolleidoscop, a stereo camera with a focusing reflex viewfinder, and might be seen as derived from it.A prototype TLR camera for 9x12 cm plates, dated to 1920, was made several years earlier, but was never made commercially.With its simple construction and high quality optics, the TLR was a widely used professional camera, but the late fifties introduction of much more versatile SLR cameras in 35mm (Nikon) and 6x6 (Hasselblad) formats spelled the end.The Maxwell screen came in my camera and the camera was setup to focus properly with it. Maxwell screens are SO bright I have to wear sunglasses when I focus my Rollei even at night. I've never used a Maxwell screen, but heard nothing but good things about them.

I've been doing some research lately and have tried a couple of options, the Mamiya RB, the original Rollei screen, a cheap fresnel one that was given to me, an unknown fresnel on my 2.8F that came with the camera, but still not really to spend the money on a Maxwell. They are considerably more expensive but they are very well made and considerably brighter than many others on the market.There was also a range of less expensively specified models named Rolleicord.Rollei also used the name Rolleiflex for several ranges of medium-format SLR and 35mm SLR cameras from the late 1960s to the 90s, one SLR for 126 film, and one digital camera.Orders placed after 12pm Fridays will not ship until the following Monday.Faster shipping methods may be available; just upgrade during checkout. Note that there is also the Shutter-Speed-Tester app for Apple IOS and Android that measures the accuracy of the shutter based on the sounds.This seemingly simple innovation, which required quite complex gearing, transformed the camera especially compared to plate cameras that were still commonly used by press photographers well into the fifties.