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Please move entries that you believe may be not relevant anymore to this section, as a last resting place before final removal.It would be good to add some scale information here, where possible: how many documents do these sites index, how many search requests per day, what kind of servers, etc.The twisted part is that he justifies his knowledge about stocks by saying he is a time-traveler from year 2256!There’s a high probability that the last chimpanzee you saw on television was wearing suspenders and a hat or was smoking a cigar.These are the same topics being discussed by those today who fear massive technological unemployment in the years ahead.Even though this 1964 warning of a Triple Revolution registered little more than a tiny blip on the radar screen of history, computers have dramatically changed the jobs landscape as well as the skills required to perform those jobs.

TV came up with this weird story about a guy who caught police's attention by gaining 0 million from mere 0 in two weeks.Few of the insurance social media websites have attracted significant user attention or motivated consumers to buy.Meanwhile, upstarts have gained a foothold among technologically savvy customers seeking alternative, lower-cost models for simple products.Even in this conservative industry, a few forward-thinking players are experimenting with different business models for niche markets.And most executives recognize that they’re on the threshold of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to both reduce costs and foster new streams of profitable revenue growth.The letter was composed and signed by 35 members of the “Ad Hoc Committee on the Triple Revolution,” which include luminaries like Nobel Chemist, Linus Pauling; civil rights activist, Tom Hayden; and Swedish Nobel Economist, Gunnar Myrdal.