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Dating a girl with a lazy eye

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Due to how severe it is, surgery would not do much good.

Besides, surgery is not something I can afford at the current time. I feel like it really hinders my social life, especially in the dating sense.

honestly it did bother me a bit, i used to always say that it was a good thing that i didn't notice it until I was already in love with him ....

I am a girl with a lazy eye and it bothers me that you would even ask this question.

If you have a beautiful personality, you’ll be fine.

It goes outward, and almost never works with the other -- even with glasses and contacts.

I would imagine she is still a cute girl even WITH the lazy eye, and maybe she is an amazing person that you would really connect with.

Plain and simple, if you are attracted to her, date her.

Most times my eye is just out, but out enough to notice that it is not aligned with my good eye.

Or can you only date people who's eyes are completly straight?? I can't say dating someone with a lazy eye would be high on my priority list, no. I used 2 have a crush on a girl with only one hand,she was hot! club foot- pot belly- cleft lip- bald head later in life- ugly personality as thoe person who thot this theme in the first place...classed as pretty and have a squint....dont like it??? I'm laughing thinking about it now - um mammmm - do u have any idea what im looking at? Alrite so i'm going to hell...i have a really bad lazy eye, where my right eye leans in towards my nose...people think i am looking the other way when looking at them lmao..glasses and/or contacts fixes the problem......

But if she was perfect in every other way, I don't think it would stop me from dating her again. And that hand was one of a kind dare anyone question someone who has a lazy eye!! Mind you i wouldnt be seen anywhere without them because i look riduclous..Well I have a bit of a lazy eye and have had no probs with getting a and telling superficial people who judge people on how thier eye is looking or how small their boobies are to off. But if I had and I would at this age and the way i look I would see if both eyes could match and maybe just maybe I would be more appealing.

After all, eye contact is so important, and I can't really make it.

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